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We work with existing corporatives to support small-holder farmers in adopting best practices to bring out quality high yielding produce. We turn these into quality value-added agricultural products for a ready market. This way, our farmers can focus on what they do best whilst we also do what we do best: value-addition.

We grow food for all appetites: we work to bring out the best value-added products from any produce we can find.

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We grow food for all appetites

Rice Bran Oil

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▫️ Lowers cholesterol levels
▫️ Prevents cancer
▫️ Weight loss
▫️ Delays ageing
▫️ Prevents allergic reactions
▫️ Prevents menopausal issues


What customers say about our company

Nana’s rice is superb👌🏽. It has this ravishing smell you can’t resist and as for the taste, it’s a die for!😩🤤😍🔥 Nana’s rice: ‘wo be di, edi biom’👌🏽💃🏽


Nana’s rice has been my family’s choice since we discovered it. We will rather wait for the next bag than to eat any other. They say: “why settle for good when you can get better?”

Daniel Koomson

The rice is really tasty! Thank you! I think this is my new rice.

Samia Seraphim

How it all began

Company’s history

AgroKings started off on a fly with a maize farm. The plan was to work with other 7 young professionals to acquire 50 acres of land. The group chose a representative, paid him and performed all requirements but he run away with the money. First lesson: start small 🙂

Our next stop was the Northern region of Ghana. This time we moved into cattle rearing. We bought a number of cows, leaving them in the care of a native. Upon returning a few months later, we noticed 4 cows had gone missing. The herdsman’s response was shocking: “Sorry Nana, I forgot to tell you that 4 cows died while grazing”.

We became a bit ambitious! We birthed an idea that was going to be a great product: Agricoin. Agricoin is going to be the currency for agricultural investments with AgroKings. Watch out for this awesome idea in action soon!

Two additions to the team arrived in 2018. Kenneth (an engineer) and Raphael (an agronomist) led the company’s entrance into the rice space. After testing with a few acres successfully, AgroKings is now ready to locally grow and produce rice on a larger scale. The result is Nana’s rice (available in the shop😉).

2019 marks the start of our foray into harvest innovations. AgroKings will provide silos in select communities to prevent post harvest losses.

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